Sun Soul Tan Maximizer

130.00 AED + VAT

Face And Body Tan Enhancing Cream


Ideal to prepare the skin to sun exposure and reach a more intense and prolonged tan. This fresh and non-greasy formula, suitable for face and body, combines ACETYL TYROSINE, to enhance melanin synthesis, and a DNA-DEFENSE peptide to protect skin from sign of aging.

The result is a more intense, even and long-lasting tan.
Product size: 200ml

The Benefits
  • Tan enhancing cream suitable for all skin types.
  • Recommended both for those who want a more intense and faster tan and for fair phototypes who need to prepare their skin for sun exposure.
  • Can be used in conjunction with sunscreen and after sun products. 
How to use

Step 1: Apply to the face and body a few days before sun exposure and during exposure in combination with an appropriate sun protection factor or after-sun cream to prolong the effect.
Step 2: For a more intense action, we recommend starting to use the product 10 days before sun exposure.