The Kasho brand hails from Japan, a country historically renowned for perfecting the art of blade smithing, with its bladesmiths forming blades from alternating layers of steel.

Within Japanese scissor categories, Kasho scissors are unmatched. The brand honours Japanese blacksmithing while meeting modern demands and are the absolute premium when it comes to cutting scissors. Incorporating two different stainless-steel alloys, each of the scissors in the Kasho range can meet the very high Japanese quality demands for sharpness and material and with the highest degree of precision.

By combining different hardness grades, these hairdressing scissors are perfectly balanced, and the cutting edge is exceptionally durable. From the design to completion of each individual Kasho scissor it is the primary focus to ensure the blades are both a pleasure to use as well being able to provide an extremely accurate cut.

Aside from being well-designed and ergonomic, the range, which includes scissors for left-handed and right-handed usage, boasts superb build quality, precise balance, and long-lasting sharpness, while maintaining the technical aspects required to create the best possible cuts.