Davines'  history

Founded in Parma in Italy in 1983 by the Bollati Family, the Davines Group started as a research laboratory, producing high-end hair care products for renowned cosmetic companies throughout the world. After a decade of honing their expertise and armed with a unique passion and a progressive attitude towards sustainability, the brand launched Davines hair care products exclusively for salons, and in 1996 founded [ comfort zone ] skin care for premier spas.

Davines is now an international player present in more than 90 countries with a multicultural staff of several nationalities. In addition to the headquarters in Parma, the Company has branches in New York, London, Paris, Mexico City, Deventer (The Netherland), Hong Kong and Dusseldorf.

The Davines aim is to inspire and improve the work life quality of worldwide beauty professionals through concepts, products and services that will allow them to offer unique experiences to their clients, whilst having minimal impact on the environment.

Davines' Sustainable beauty

Fundamental to the Davines philosophy is living a balance of beauty and sustainability, called “Sustainable Beauty,” which is meant to improve our lives and the world around us. Davines' ideal of beauty works through practical and “sustainable” efforts that are reflected with the way the brand produce its products as well as throughout its new headquarters, the Davines Village, and the B Corp certification received by the Group in 2016.

Being certified as a B Corporation, i.e. a company that uses business to generate a positive impact on the people and the environment, not only demonstrates how much Davines strives to be the best for the world but also that these efforts are now recognized. Since this certification, the Group publishes a Sustainability Report on an annual basis. The Davines Village unveiled in 2018 is the best illustration of the sustainable approach of the brand. The new Davines headquarters integrate sustainable energy, waste reduction, optimization of natural resources - and saving of non-renewable ones.

Built on a surface of 77,000 square metres, the complex covers about 11,000 square metres and includes spaces dedicated to offices and training, the Research and Development laboratory, the production plant, the warehouse, and a large central greenhouse that works both for a restaurant and a co-working area. The remaining spaces (80% of the total area), designed by the renowned del Buono Gazerwitz Landscape Architecture studio, have been allocated to green areas of different types, including a scientific botanical garden in which some of the plant species used in the cosmetic formulations are grown. In line with the spirit that guides every activity of the Group, Davines Village has been designed to communicate a message of deep care for people and environment.

In nature we believe

Davines offers a wide range of color, haircare and styling products, each one unique and a testament to the sustainable ethos of the brand.

Every formulation harnesses the use of ingredients with high level of biodegrability: the products are made from 62,9% of natural ingredients (including organic certified) and 14,6% of natural modified ingredients. For one of these products lines, Essential Haircare, Davines went further and started a collaboration with the non-profit Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity by joining the Presidia Project; this non-profit foundation protects selected places in order to safeguard the Earth's biodiversity. As a result, each of the nine product families of this line contains one specific active ingredient from a Slow Food Presidium, crops that are maintained by producers who work to preserve and maintain traditional products that are at risk of extinction, with the aim of protecting unique plant species, local traditions and craftsmanship.

All Davines’ products are produced using 100% electricity from renewable sources and packaged in a way that minimizes environmental impact, drawing inspiration from the ideal of Sustainable Beauty as an inseparable union between the Beautiful and the Good. Several years ago, Davines adopted a zero impact policy for the packaging of the Essential Haircare, SU, OI and More Inside lines by adhering to the LifeGate's Zero Impact® Project. Since then, the carbon dioxide emissions generated by the production of the packaging of these lines are offset by the purchasing of carbon credits generated by operations of forests' creation and protection in Italy, Costa Rica and Madagascar, as established by the Kyoto Protocol.