Amazon Keratin® is a globally acclaimed brand specializing in hair care therapies. Its highly developed Hair Straightening Systems deliver healthy, frizz-free, and beautiful looking hair.The Amazon Keratin Hair Straightening System is an innovative hair treatment that combines keratin protein and natural ingredients, not only to straighten hair but also to restore its natural health, leaving it with a silky and shiny look.

Straightening Effect

The special Amazon Keratin® formula is proven to turn unruly curls into shiny and sleek tresses, without losing the hair's natural body. By reducing unwanted volume and eliminating frizz, the Amazon Keratin® Hair Straightening System will ensure your hair easier to style requiring minimal effort. Amazon Keratin® Hair Straightening System has different formulas to treat any type of hair, including damaged or chemically treated hair.

Restoring Effect

The Amazon Keratin® Hair Straightening System will restore, rebuild and strengthen every single hair by warming the keratin protein into it - leaving your hair stronger, shinier and much softer to the touch. With the Amazon Keratin® Hair Straightening System, you will be able to control your hair easily. Whatever the amount of humidity in the atmosphere, your hairstyle will look perfect and hold much longer.

Long-Lasting Effect

One single Amazon Keratin® Hair Straightening treatment will enhance the texture of your hair and by using Amazon Keratin® Maintenance Products, you can enjoy up to 6 months of beautiful, manageable and silky hair.

About the treatments

One Luxurious Shine Protein

Hair type: All types of hair. Treat damaged hair. Suitable for use on pregnant women and teenagers.
Remove Frizzy and Volume.
Duration: Up to 2 months.

This advanced formaldehyde-free protein therapy enriched with natural oils will instantly penetrates into the hair cortex to deeply renew broken fibres and leave hair healthy.


Hair type: All types of hair especially dark hair, to restore and maintain the hair’s condition and health.
Duration: Up to 4 months.
Straightening percentage: 30%
Moderate straightening action that reduces volume and eliminates frizz. This treatment infuses keratin protein deeply into the hair. Chocolate Keratin Treatment is a smoothing and repairing treatment.


Hair type: Virgin Hair
Duration: Up to 5 months.
Straightening percentage: 40%
Contains ingredients processed in a unique way to promote deep infusion of coconut oil in the cortex of the hair. Intensive hair repair designed to bring back health and lustre.


Hair type: All types of hair, especially damaged hair.
Duration: Up to 5 months
Straightening Percentage: 60%
Its formula contains a proprietary combination of keratin, wheat protein, Aloe Vera and collagen processed in a unique way to favour the infusion of amino acids deeply into the hair cortex.


Hair type: All types of hair, especially treated hair, coloured and bleach
Duration: Up to 6 months
Straightening Percentage: 95%
This is the ultimate straightener designed to treat, nourish and to repair hair with substantial damage from chemical treatments and environmental factors. It revitalizes hair, leaving it 100% frizz-free, straight, smooth and healthy.

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