Sun Soul 2 in 1 Shower Gel

136.00 AED + VAT

Hair And Body Sustainable Shower Gel


Enjoy this multi-purpose 2-in 1 cleansing product to be used safely during your summer holidays in contact with nature.

This latest-generation formula is enriched with natural and delicate surfactants derived from Olive Oil and a fragrance which is safe for the aquatic environment; it can be used even on boats or while camping.

The results: guarantees effective cleansing, without weighing down the hair and leaving the skin soft and radiant.

The Benefits
  • AFTER SUN Hair & body sustainable shower gel Ideal for all skin and hair types, also recommended for daily use.
  • FRAGRANCE with no impact to the aquatic environment.
How to use

Step 1: Apply to wet hair, massage and rinse.
Step 2: Repeat if necessary.

For the body, massage directly onto wet skin or apply product to a sponge.