Sublime Skin Intensive Serum Refill Duo Set

700.00 AED + VAT

Firming Smoothing Serum


Sublime Skin Intensive Serum is the natural filler solution that stands out for its effectiveness and sustainability with amazing results to reduce up to 25% wrinkle depth* thanks to a biomimetic hexapeptide with a tensor effect and an anti-aging  botanical Achillea Millefolium extract.

The innovative reusable packaging is conscious for the environment as it can be REUSED allowing a reduction of the carbon footprint with repurchase as the refill is 91% lighter than the full bottle.

Take advantage of the opportunity to purchase the INTENSIVE SERUM REFILL DUO SET, a beautiful box with sublime skin intensive serum and its refill at a special price!

How to use

Step 1: Apply to face after cleansing, morning and evening. Then proceed with your preferred cream.
Step 2: Avoid contact with eyes. Reusable packaging with refill. We recommend replacing the pump bottle after 1 year of use.
Step 3: Replacing the refill perform on a clean and dry surface. Unscrew the pump from the outer and inner bottle. Clean the serum residue from the pump with a clean and dry piece of paper without setting down the inner part. Remove the white label and the cap from the refill. Screw the pump to the refill and then to the outer SUBLIME SKIN INTENSIVE SERUM bottle.