Finest Pigments - Pearl

Direct colouring system in gel


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Ammonia-free gel formula prepared with 98% of natural origin ingredients. Easy to apply, it does not require any activator and gives immediate colour. It intensifies, tones and gives marvelous reflects.
Product size: 280 ml

The Benefits
  • Gentle and natural colouring system
  • Does not require any activator- shampoos
  • Allows to try new reflects that will progressively fade in 
  • Allows to create a new color, intensify the color and shine of natural hair or renew the cosmetic color
How to use

Professional product for in-salon use only.

The Finest Pigments nuances can be used pure to obtain intense reflects, mixed together or mixed with the Gloss.

The amount of product to be applied varies according to the length, hair quantity and porosity.

Apply colour evenly to clean and dried hair and leave on from 5 to 20 minutes, according to the hair condition. After the processing time, emulsify carefully adding water to obtain maximum scalp and hair cleanliness.

If the hair is dirty, shampoo it first, dry, then apply colour following the instructions given above. Apply the conditioner suitable for the hair type, if necessary. Shampooing is not necessary.