Essential Detox Kit

600.00 AED 995 AED + VAT

Age Corrective Anti-Pollution Kit


Superhero products for city gray skin to enhance a glowing complexion.
Skin Regimen Cleansing Cream with delicate surfactants and Longevity Complex, removes make-up, SPF, urban dust, cigarette smoke and toxins accumulated throughout the day. Skin Regimen Polypeptide Rich Cream, with an illuminating texture, nourishes and corrects the signs of ageing. Skin Regimen Night Detox is ideal to remove toxins accumulated during the day revealing the best complexion every morning. These vegan friendly, clean formulas are suitable for all skin types. Made with FSC paper and 100% recyclable and C02 offset packaging. Clean your skin daily with the best products.

1 Skin Regimen Polypeptide Rich Cream 50ml
1 Skin Regimen Night Detox 50ml
1 Skin Regimen Microalgae essence 25ml