BTX Smoothing Treatment

A revolutionary product in the line of hair straightening technologies



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Botox Treatment with collagen – Designed for all types of hair, especially for damaged hair.

Its formula contains a proprietary combination of keratin, wheat protein, aloe Vera and collagen processed in a unique way to favor the infusion of amino acids deeply into the hair cortex.

BTX SMOOTHING delivers spectacular results repairing hair and reversing damage from over-treating or environmental factors for up to 6 months. This product contains supplements to nurture damaged cortices, reconstruct shaft cuticles and give lifeless hair health and strength.

The Benefits
  • Extreme repair to all types of hair.
  • Smooth, healthy and shiny hair.
  • Effective protection against environmental factors.
  • Straightening percentage: 60%
  • Bottle sizes: 473 ml, 946 ml
  • Number of treatments with a bottle of 946 ml: 15