Body Strategist 28-Day Cellulite Kit

694.00 AED + VAT


Experience the effectiveness of BODY STRATEGIST 28-Day Cellulite** New kit from
[comfort zone] that includes a routine studied and developed by our professionals to improve the appearance of cellulite blemishes. The luxurious kit includes 4 essential steps for proven and visible results in just one month.

Exfoliate and prepare the skin with BODY STRATEGIST Peel Scrub 75ml, amplify and improve the results with the powerful concentrated ingredients in BODY STRATEGIST Caffeine Shot 4x10ml, improve the appearance of the silhouette with BODY STRATEGIST Attack Serum 150ml. Finally, reshape your body with BODY STRATEGIST Thermo Cream 200ml with effective thermogenic action.

This set contains a calendar with the correct daily routine to follow to maximize the synergy of the products and obtain a professional result at home!

With a high percentage of ingredients of natural origin.

**RECOMMENDED for cellulite blemishes. 

How to use

Step1: BODY STRATEGIST PEEL SCRUB: Apply to dry skin and massage until absorbed. Remove any residue with a towel or shower.
Step 2: BODY STRATEGIST CAFFEINE SHOT: apply the vial breaker to the head of the vial and break it with a firm movement at the pre-breaking ring. Remove the broken part and place the measuring dropper on the neck of the open vial. Dispense half of the contents into the palm of your hand and distribute on the areas affected by cellulite and water retention, massage with circular movements until completely absorbed. Use the remaining half of the vial for the next treatment within 3 days.
Step3: BODY STRATEGIST ATTACK SERUM: apply the product once a day to the most critical areas, allowing it to absorb with light strokes. Continue your usual BODY STRATEGIST beauty routine.
Step4: BODY STRATEGIST THERMO CREAM: Apply with a delicate massage. For an intensive action, apply after the shower.