OI Liquid Luster

70.00 AED - 175.00 AED + VAT

Instant ultra shine and softening treatment



Weightless rinse off treatment for all hair types. Thanks to the innovative clear liquid texture the hydrating agents are directly in contact with the hair fibre, for an instant illuminating effect and a smooth finish. Hair is immediately extra shiny,  silky and extremely soft, for a radiant glass like finish.
Product size: 300ml

The Benefits
  • Super fast treatment with no processing time
  • Instant extra shiny and soft hair
  • Hair is not weighed down
  • Instant results from the first use
How to use
  1. After shampooing, remove any excess water from the hair. Section and apply directly to hair fully saturating from mid-length to ends. Comb through
  2. Use one dose (20ml) for short hair and 2 doses (40ml) for long hair 
  3. Rinse, then proceed with OI conditioner in case of course or unruly hair for extra hydration