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A one year Business Leadership Program in collaboration with the renowned International Business Speaker Susie Santiago.

The EIDEAL-Santi Business Leadership Program is all you need to take your salon business to the next level of profitable success.

The course includes:

1. Effective and strategic leadership about the future direction of your business

2. Setting goals and measuring financial progress through daily and monthly monitoring of business KPI’s

3. Increasing customer retention and loyalty

4. Taking a new look at your brand, in order to stand out from the crowd and market your salon effectively

5. An in depth insight on the customer’s journey

6. Marketing and promotion to build sales

7. Salon retail, services and treatments

8. Successful selection and recruitment

9. Networking with other salon owners to build contacts and knowledge becoming part of an elite club of EIDEAL - Santi Programme members

10. Transforming your salon team motivation and productivity through your ability to communicate clearly and concisely

About the EIDEAL-Santi Business Leadership Program

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