Vern Supreme Vogue Bag


Vern Supreme Vogue Bag

The Vern Supreme Bag is chic yet practical. 

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The Vern Supreme Vogue Bag is chic yet practical. With room for scissors, razors, combs, hair clips, brushes, and much more, the Vern Supreme Vogue Bag, takes care of a stylist’s tools; whilst giving them a professional image.

The high-quality, black leather material and intricate stitching provides durability and elegance; whilst the interior is sectioned to allow the stylist to work quickly and efficiently. The adjustable strap ensures that the user’s posture and health are never compromised. 


• Elegant design to express professionalism
• Easy to use for work efficiency
• Size: L33cm x 16cm x 20cm
• Systematic storage to avoid scissor damage
• Adjustable strap to disperse weight