Plus-sized Ceramic Brush | Large


Plus-sized Ceramic Brush | Large

Meet the ultimate blow dry brush for those with long and thick hair!

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Take Hair-Care to New Heights

Designed by professionals to meet all blow-drying needs, our Plus-Sized Ceramic brush allows you to achieve the style you desire faster and easier! 

Perfect for Shape & Curls, the Ceramic brush is made from Professional Tourmaline which eliminates frizz, creating the healthy, smooth hair every woman desires.

Why everybody loves it!

  •        Suitable for very long hair
  •        Easy grip handle
  •        Made from semi-precious minerals
  •        Unique Design for a pain free styling
  •        Durable
  •        Lightweight
  •        Hollow, vented ceramic barrel


      The Plus-Sized Ceramic brush is available in four different sizes.


• 53 mm diameter barrel
• 16 cm barrel length