Geenie Matte Black


Geenie Matte Black

A state of art, combined with an instant heat technology.

850 AED

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Geenie is an innovative and eco friendly flat iron.
With an instant heat technology fused with the exclusive Germanium mineral coated plates, it allows  a smooth and personalized styling experience whilst maintaining the condition of the hair; whether you are straightening or waving.
The moving plates coated in Germanium minerals allow you to effortlessly glide through the hair whilst achieving an instantly high temperature of 230 °C giving an enviable glossy finish.
With the absence of a power switch, this smart iron allows you to start styling without delay and due to its 1 minute of inactivity shut-off system; you never need to worry about leaving your irons on again!


  • Germanium mineral coated plates.
  • One minute auto-shut off system.
  • Automatic power conversion.
  • Instant heat and recovery.
  • Operating mode function.
  • Shiver function mode.
  • Moving Plates.
  • Dual voltage.