Rebalancing Shampoo


Rebalancing Shampoo

Rebalancing shampoo for scalps with sebum hyper-production

60 AED - 110 AED

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Normalizing and rebalancing formula for problems of excess sebum production. It fights against sebum hyper-production and keeps the scalp clean.


  • Normalizes and rebalances sebum production
  • Antioxidant action
  • Astringent and calming action on the sebaceous glands
  • Natural active ingredients

  • How to use:

    Gently apply 20g to damp hair, leave on for some minutes, then rinse off. Repeat application if necessary.

    Intensive treatment: 3 times a week for 1 month.

    Maintenance: twice a week for two months alternating with Well-being Shampoo.

    Product sizes: 100 ml, 250 ml, 1000 ml