Finest Pigments - Gloss


Finest Pigments - Gloss

Shine-giving gel

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Gel system prepared with 98% of natural origin ingredients. It can be used pure to give shine or to dilute Finest Pigments nuances to obtain the desired reflect.


  • Formulated with 98% of natural origin ingredients
  • Gives extreme shine to the hair
  • Can be used pure to give shine or mixed with any of the Finest Pigments nuances

How to use:

Professional product for in-salon use only. For maximum shine, apply the Gloss to shampooed and dried hair evenly and leave to process for 20 minutes. Rinse off. Apply conditioner if necessary. If the hair is dirty, shampoo it first, dry almost completely, then apply colour the Gloss following the instructions given above. The Gloss can be used to mix nuances too.

Product size: 280 ml