A Single Shampoo


A Single Shampoo

Gentle shampoo, suitable for everyday use on all hair types. It promotes elasticity and hydration. 100% Carbon Neutral, 98.2% biodegradable formula

115 AED

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Our first 100% Carbon Neutral shampoo, 98.2% biodegradable formula and 95% natural origin ingredients. A Single Shampoo is kind to the planet and your hair, offering a gentle cleansing and moisturizing action. Perfect for everyday use.

Benefit : 

Offers a mild and gentle cleansing.

Provides hydration with an elasticizing action.

Suitable for everyday usage on all hair types.

95% natural origin* formula and 98,2% biodegradable.

100% natural origin* active ingredients.

100% natural fragrance.

100% natural preservatives added.

100% ingredients traceability.

Without colorants, silicones or animal-derived ingredients.

*DAVINES 100% NATURAL ORIGIN CRITERIA: considers of natural origin, ingredients with 100% of molecular structure of natural origin, allowing for no synthetic portion.

How to use:

Apply on wet hair, massage gently and rinse.

Product sizes: 250ml, 1000ml